Keisokukensa Co.,Ltd.

Working together with our customers, we solve problems through
maintenance and using our latest technology, provide society
with“safety and security”

Company Profile
Business Department


Who We Are
Keisokukensa Co., Ltd. discovers deterioration and damage invisible to the eye in structures such as buildings and various plant facilities, then analyzes test results to advise our customers. We will continue to use the latest technologies to ensure our communities are safe. The Mobile Imaging Technology System & Mobile Mapping System(MIMM), a vehicle for testing tunnels, is a technology that won our company certification as a Kitakyushu Only One Company.

Company Profile

Company name Keisokukensa.Co., Ltd.
Representative CEO Toshihiro Sakamoto
Head office location 1-8-3 jinnoharu, Yahatanishi-ku, Kitakyushu 807-0821 JAPAN
Tel 093-642-8231
Fax 093-641-2010
Capital 30 million yen
Establishment November 1, 1974
Number of employees 132 people (as of April 2022)
Officer CEO Toshihiro Sakamoto, Director Mika Sakamoto, Kimiko Sakamoto, Auditor Masaaki Taguchi
Bank Fukuoka Bank, Juhachi-Shinwa Bank, Kitakyushu Bank


■Honesty, Courtesy

The most important spirit that all employees should always have as a person and as a member of society. Trust is hard won through honesty and courtesy. These virtues are the foundation of all that we do.

■Competitiveness and Harmony

All employees respect, cooperate and compete with each other, making efforts to accomplish the goals of the company as well as their personal goals.


All employees need to innovate in a drastically changing market, respond to requests and challenge themselves to create new added value.

Business Department

Inspection Dept.

We will carry out a visual inspection(air shoot)with a drone.

Measurement Dept.

Research Dept.

The traveling type measurement vehicle“MIMM(Meme)”measures(shoots)at a speed of about 80 km / h.

Analysis Dept.

The Development Office focuses on development for internal needs.

Development Dept.

We perform various tests and observations on “corrosion damage” and “mechanical damage” foundduring maintenance inspection or in use, andinvestigatethe cause. We will also make suggestionsforimprovement based on the results.

— New Tunnel Inspection — Vehicle dedicated to tunnel inspection MIMM


The total number of road tunnels is currently around 10,000, which extend a total distance of about 4,000 km. Our company adopts exclusive vehicles(which we call MIMM)and develops technology which enables inspecting and examining a large number of tunnels efficiently and with a high level of accuracy. MIMM allows you to capture image data and 3D laser data in one single measurement. These images are comprehensively analyzed and a wide range of cracks(deformed states)in the concrete walls of the tunnel can be expressed visually along with any deformation. Enabling you to intuitively understand any abnormal areas, MIMM is well suited for examining tunnels.

 Feature 1 

Safety and Fast

 Feature 2 

3D simultaneous measurement

 Feature 3 

High precision

 Feature 4